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Skin Care Products

At Serrão Rejuvenation Center we carry a variety of the highest quality cosmeceuticals from around the world.  Medical grade skin care products, some of which are prescription strength, can truly improve your complexion.   From the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles to the treatment of acne and rosacea, we have carefully selected skin care products that will meet your individual skin care needs.

SKIN CARE IS SIMPLE…cleanse, moisturize, nourish and protect. When selecting skin care, it is best to choose a product formulated for your unique skin type.  We believe that beautiful skin is possible by making good choices for your skin.  Drinking plenty of water and eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and essential fatty acids, will help provide your skin with the hydration and nutrients that it needs to be healthy.  Adequate rest, sleep and exercise also contribute significantly to beautiful skin.

A healthy lifestyle and a good skin-care regimen, combined with a few extra preventative measures, will help make your skin radiant. Serrão Rejuvenation Center has experts in a medical setting who are trained exclusively in the health and beauty of the skin. We invite you to schedule a consultation so that we can evaluate your skin’s individual needs and customize a skin care regimen that will help you to have radiant skin that is healthy!

Our Products

AquaSanté Marine Mineral Body & Cellulite Products are specifically formulated with marine nutrients and botanicals to optimize skin health and well-being during Endermologie, firming, contouring and other
specialized treatments.  They are designed to capitalize on the nutrient wealth of seaweed, seawater, essential oils and plant extracts and the body’s ability to absorb and utilize these essential substances for health and beauty. The AquaSanté line is designed to have a lasting and curative effect – not just to offer short-term relief.  For more information visit Cellulite & Fat Reduction.

We carry a full range of skincare products dedicated to sensitive skin by Avène. Launched in 1993, the Avène skincare brand was created to capture the healing benefits of the spring to soothe sensitive skin worldwide. Formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water and bottled directly from the source of the spring in France, the Avène skincare brand addresses the needs of all types of sensitive skin.

Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30
Colorscience uses micronized miners to offer high tech sun solutions. Colorescience Sunforgettable is the first SPF 30, all-clear, mineral powder with broad spectrum (UVA and UVB and Infrared) sun protection. It is physical sun protection with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that is stable, instant, keeps your skin cool, and will not absorb into your skin. They are available in refillable.

At Belli, we support expectant and new mothers through this changing time by providing soothing, balanced skin products that pamper and protect. Our collections – Belli Pregnancy, Belli Motherhood and Belli Baby – address the specific needs of each stage, with thoughtful attention to the safest formulations. Belli Pregnancy has set a higher standard for prenatal safety, as the only skin care line in the world that is teratology screened.  Through intense medical research, Belli products exclude ingredients with even remote links to birth defects or other problems with pregnancy.  Belli Motherhood is LactMed screened to avoid ingredients linked to harmful effects during breastfeeding.  Belli Baby is screened for xenoestrogens—chemicals which can act like hormones that interfere with normal development of the reproductive system.  So no matter which Belli products you use, you can have peace of mind that they are safe. At Serrão Rejuvenation Center, our love of pregnancy and motherhood guides everything we do. Our goal is to support and encourage new mothers, inspiring self-confidence and greater safety in both pregnancy and parenting.

Glominerals proves that powerful, good-for-the-skin makeup doesn’t have to be boring. Glominerals’ advanced formulations combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants with colors that are young, fun, and good for all skin types. The glominerals clinical skin care makeup line is recommended by Dr Serrao and our skin care experts, who all wear the products. Glominerals provides colors that span the spectrum with products and textures designed to the current fashion trends of the season.  Achieve healthier, more beautiful skin while being creative and having fun with glominerals. Glominerals has been voted Best of the Best in the makeup category by the readers of SkinInc magazine in their First Annual Best of the Best Awards for its innovative approach to makeup.

The Glytone Skin Rejuvenation System utilizes pure glycolic acid, the AHA with the smallest molecule size and greatest penetration. Through the use of an exclusive 3-step system, Glytone allows you to achieve benefits in the simplest and most effective way.  There are products for any skin type.  Glytone’s system allows you to reach the highest levels of free acid necessary for true skin rejuvenation.  A more beautiful you is yours for the asking from Glytone.

LATISSE® solution is a growth treatment for lashes. In fact, it is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker. LATISSE® is a safe solution that will give you the dramatic eyelashes you always dreamed of without irritating false eyelashes, annoying lash extensions or pricey mascara. By simply applying LATISSE® regularly, you will have long, thick and flattering eyelashes. Talk to Dr. Serrao or one of our skin care experts to see if it is right for you.

NeoCutis products utilize Processed Skin Cell Proteins (PSP), derived from a regenerating cell bank. These proteins are rich in growth factors, cytokines, antioxidants, collagen, and other essential nutrients to improve the appearance of aging skin. The PSP® contained in NeoCutis Skin and Eye Creams helps to improve the appearance of aged skin by providing the most complete and balanced combination of human growth factors and cytokines currently available.  Developed by leading researchers in Switzerland, the full line of NeoCutis products works in harmony to restore a smoother, softer and more vibrant tone and texture to the skin.

Obagi® is a prescription strength product that transforms your skin. The main Obagi® skin care lines are Obagi® Nu-Derm, Obagi® Condition & Enhance, Obagi®-C Rx , Obagi® Professional-C serums, Obagi® Clenziderm, Obagi®RosaClear , and  ELASTIderm® Décolletage System.  It is the number one medical grade product in the world.  There is an Obagi® System for all skin types and ages. Ask our skin care experts how you can discover a lifetime of beautiful, healthy skin with Obagi®.

Revision Skin Care is a line of clinically proven technology that will improve your skin health. With amazing products to address specific problems and areas of the face and neck, Revision Skin Care guarantees results.  We carry some of their most popular products such as Nectifirm to address the aging skin of the neck and décolletage, Teamine to improve dark eye circles, Lumiquin to improve the sun spots and aging skin on the hands and Intellishade to protect your skin with a silky tinted broad spectrum sunblock. We love these products!

Skin Medica’s clinically proven post-procedure kit has been specifically formulated to optimize the results from Ablative Fractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing and Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing treatments. This kit helps your skin throughout the healing process and complements the results of these treatments. We strongly recommend this kit with laser resurfacing procedures.


Clarisonic MD is an innovative skin cleanser brush for the face and body that uses gentle sonic vibrations to open the pores and remove dirt and devris trom the skin.  When used with a daily medical grade skin cleanser, Clarisonic’s remarkable results are evident almost immediately. Clarisonic MD is clinically proven to eliminate six times the dirt, debris, and makeup of manual cleansing, thus allowing better absorption of skin care products. Use it daily to keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy.  Clarisonic MD was created by the lead innovator of the Sonicare Toorthbrush and was recently named one of Oprah’s “favorite things”.

Liquid Smile is the strongest take-home paint-on whitener available. Our professional whitening pen contains a 12% Hydrogen peroxide formula (H2O2) that is 3X stronger than other paint-on whiteners that use carbamide peroxide. And its percise applications give patients the most effective treatment available. The O2 bubbles begin to remove stain molecules from your teeth almost instantly. It comes in a variety of mild flavors; Cola, Root Beer, Lemon Lime and Mint, to minimize salivation. Liquid Smile provides the same professional whitening at a fraction of the cost and has been named one of DENTAL PRODUCT REPORTS’ TOP PRODUCTS.

An amazing variety of flip flops and shoes with a variety of different straps and snaps that are ready for the beach or a night out on the town with a quick switch of the snap.  Choose from a variety of styles and colors. COMING  SPRING 2012

All Physician Endorsed Hats and Sunglasses are guaranteed to provide maximum sun protection. If it has the Physician Endorsed name, you can be sure it has been tested to ensure protection from damaging UV rays. You too can dress like the stars!  Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Marcia Cross, Veronica Webb, Heather Locklear and others have been seen in the stylish hats and shades. Choose from a large selection of styles in The Boutique at Serrão Rejuvenation Center!

ZentsZENTSZents is a bath and body care line that uses top-notch herbal extracts and essential oils to comfort, pamper and nourish the skin while rejuvenating the mind and body with aromatic therapeutic fragrances. A favorite in our boutique, Zents is the perfect way to enhance your natural body care routine while basking in the beauty of each product’s aroma. Plus, the line is gentler than traditional scented ranges, making it suitable for use by sensitive skin types. Discover what Serrão Rejuvenation Center clients love about Zents.

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We offer many options for exceptional skin care to the people of Orlando and the Central Florida area, helping them develop more youthful and healthy skin. You’ll be pleased with the results and will love the care you receive from our exceptional skin care specialists. Enhancing your natural beauty is our goal! If you want to improve your skin with Skin Care Products, call us for an appointment today at 407-896-3772.

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