CELLFINA™ – Get Down With Dimples

Finally, proven results
that can last up to 3 years!

Cellulite. Just the word brings thoughts of hatred and disgust for most women when thinking of their thighs and bottoms.  And cellulite has long been one of those things that a woman just couldn’t do much about.  No matter how much you dieted, no matter how much you exercised, most women have certain areas that are simply a dimpled mess.

Serrao Rejuvenation Center did it again and is proud to be one of the first practices in Florida to offer a proven cellulite solution that can last for three years and maybe even longer. That solution is called Cellfina™ and it’s Dr. Serrao’s new weapon in the ongoing battle with cottage cheese thighs and bottoms!

First, what is cellulite? More importantly, why is it allowed to exist on my legs?

Let’s start with a definition right out of Merriam-Webster. It says this of “cellulite:”

Deposits of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue (as in the thighs, hips, and buttocks) that give a puckered and dimpled appearance to the skin surface.

You may know it more colloquially as “cottage cheese thighs.”

The thing about cellulite is it doesn’t care one bit about what kind of shape you’re in. If your skin construction is such, you’ll have cellulite, no matter how many thousands of miles you spend in spin class.

Cellulite affects over 90% of women. But it only affects less than 10% of men. Not fair, right? Anyway, many women just have cellulite and some were even lucky enough to have been born with it!

Here’s the deal. Cellulite comes down to simple anatomy. Women have more body fat than men, which contributes to the problem. But it comes down to the connective bands that connect the skin and the muscle beneath. Men have thicker bands that form a crisscross pattern. This design keeps the fat in place and doesn’t pucker the upward skin.

Women, on the other hand, have vertical connective bands that tend to trap fat in pockets that resemble individual cells. The connective bands pull the skin down, and the fat in the little cells pushes the skin up around it. Dimples.

Here’s how Cellfina™ gets down on the dimples and beats cellulite

Cellfina’s™ researchers studied cellulite and understand how those connective bands work, they figured out a way to take ‘em down! Cellfina™ targets those bands and releases those dimples.

We start by applying a topical anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Then a suction stabilizer in the Cellfina™ system pulls the skin upward, stretching those dreadful connective bands. Next, the Cellfina™ handpiece breaks those connective bands with micro-blades, releasing the skin from its formerly dimpled ways.  Dr. Serrao can’t tell you all of the secrets of how Cellfina™ does it —it’s top-secret patented technology —but this innovative technology releases the tension, and the skin rebounds upward. You could equate it to cutting a rubber band that was pulling downward in a particular spot. Once these bands have been released, the skin above shows noticeably less dimpling.

How long does Cellfina™ take, and does it hurt afterwards?

Dr. Serrao and his amazing team don’t mess around; the Cellfina™ procedure usually takes less than an hour and is dependent on the size of your booty and the number of dimples that need to be treated. Afterward, there can be a little tenderness at the treatment locations, but so what — your cellulite has taken a beating and most patients feel pretty good the next day!

Results improve with time

Satisfaction ratings of Cellfina™ patients are very high, and they grow with time.

  • 85% of patients are satisfied after three months
  • 94% at one year
  • 96% after two years

So, you could avoid the pool or the beach. Or you could find a vintage 1920s-style swimsuit that comes down to your knees. Or, better yet, you could come to Serrao Rejuvenation Center in Orlando and get a Cellfina™ treatment from Dr. Serrao.

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Choosing Between Saline or Silicone Breast Implants

Choosing between silicone gel or saline breast implants is often one of the most confusing and difficult decisions Orlando Breast Augmentation patients must make. Each implant material has its pros and cons, so there is no clear way to say which type of implant is best, and each patient must decide based largely on their personal goals and preferences.

Saline or Silicone Breast Implants

Look and Feel of Saline and Silicone Breast Implants

Both silicone and saline implants can give you a natural look, particularly if the implants are placed under the chest muscles, however silicone breast implants have a reputation for providing a more natural feel.  This makes sense, given that silicone implants today are made of a cohesive gel material that more closely mimics the weight and suppleness of natural breast tissue than liquid saline solution.

Patients who are very thin or have little natural breast tissue to cover their implants are often good candidates for silicone gel implants because the implants are softer and less prone to rippling, allowing for a more natural look and feel.  Patients with pronounced asymmetry in the size of their natural breasts may also be good candidates for saline implants, as the volume of saline solution in each implant can be adjusted to even out the breasts.

Scarring with Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are composed of an outer silicone shell and a filling of liquid saline solution. Because the saline solution can be added after the implant shells have been placed in the chest wall, the incisions needed to place saline implants are slightly smaller.

There are also more options as to where incisions can be placed with saline implants. Unlike silicone implants, which Dr. Serrao inserts only through incisions in each breast fold (inframammary incisions), saline implants can also be inserted through incisions around the border of each areola (periareolar incisions) or along each armpit (transaxillary incisions).  Thus, saline implants result in smaller scars (about half an inch smaller) than silicone implants and offer more options for patients in terms of where their breast augmentation scars are located.

Safety of Breast Implants

In 2006, the FDA ended a 14-year moratorium on silicone breast implants that was instituted because lawmakers felt there was insufficient evidence to rule that the implants were safe. After years of rigorous testing, the FDA allowed silicone implants to re-enter the market because no scientific data had been produced to link silicone implants to systemic diseases they were previously assumed to cause.

From a scientific standpoint, the safety of silicone implants and saline implants is identical. The only difference between the two from a legal standpoint is that the FDA recommends that patients must be 22 to have silicone implants, whereas they can be as young as 18 to have saline implants.

Patients who choose either option can rest assured that all FDA approved breast implants are safe and will not directly affect your health and wellness in any way, positively or negatively.

Breast Implant Cost

Breast implant manufacturers charge about $1,000 more for silicone breast implants than saline breast implants, so breast augmentation with silicone implants is slightly more expensive initially.

Also, consider that the FDA recommends that patients with silicone implants have an MRI three years after surgery and every two to three years thereafter, to detect for implant ruptures.  This is an expensive test and most women will obtain an MRI only when they feel something may be wrong with their implant. Saline implants, on the other hand, do not require an MRI to detect a problem and will visibly deflate if they are ruptured.

Due to the cost of periodic MRIs, the cost of maintaining silicone implants can be slightly higher in the long run.

The Bottom Line on Silicone Gel or Saline Breast Implants

It is easy to get overwhelmed evaluating the pros and cons of saline and silicone breast implants, but before you do, remember that you have help in this process: your surgeon. Dr. Serrao has helped many of Orlando Breast Enhancement patients choose the best breast implants to meet their unique needs.

Trust Dr. Serrao and his entire team to help you make this important decision, and feel free to ask questions, talk to other breast augmentation patients and look at plenty of breast augmentation before and after photos before you decide on silicone or saline breast implants.

To learn more about breast augmentation with saline or silicone gel implants, schedule your complimentary consultation. Call 407-896-3772 today!

‘Awake’ Breast Augmentation – A Safer Choice

We often hear from patients who want to have breast augmentation surgery that they are afraid of anesthesia, of being “put to sleep” or “going under.” They are concerned about the post-operative nausea, and the general “lousy” feeling that can linger for a couple of days after general anesthesia.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are well-studied techniques for doing breast augmentation with another type of anesthesia – awake or twilight anesthesia.  My patients are ‘awake’ in the sense that they are not put to sleep or placed in an unconscious state of complete paralysis using general anesthesia.  We have been performing breast augmentation surgery using this technique for almost five years with great success in our accredited surgical center.  Patients experience a quicker recovery, experience less nausea and vomiting, and avoid that ‘lousy’ feeling that can last for a few days after general anesthesia.

IV Sedation for Breast Augmentation

There are two keys to successful breast augmentation with ‘awake’ or twilight anesthesia. The first is using the newer combinations of intravenous (IV) anesthetics. A short acting barbiturate, such as propofol, is used with a dissociative anesthetic, which as the name implies, dissociates painful stimuli from higher levels of brain activity. The patient is then not as heavily sedated and can breathe on her own. Another drug used is an amnesic, which prevents formation of memory of the event. More importantly, using this combination, there is very little need, if any, for narcotics. Narcotics are a major source of post-operative nausea and vomiting.

IV anesthesia allows a patient to have a surgery where she is awake enough to be breathing on her own, will not experience pain, and will not remember the event.  With IV anesthesia there is no risk of malignant hyperthermia or blood clots to the legs or lungs, as those risks are primarily associated with general anesthesia. Thus, properly monitored IV anesthesia is a safer choice than general anesthesia for breast augmentation when administered by an anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Local Anesthesia –Nerve Block

The second key is blocking the nerves before starting the breast augmentation surgery. In the chest cage the nerves emerge from the intercostal (between the ribs) spaces along the mid-axillary line, and intercostal spaces along the sternal borders.  They provide sensation to the tissues of the breast along parallel tracks that are called dermatomes.  If you can block the nerves close to those spaces, you can numb the entire breast without having to inject the entire breast tissue with local anesthetics.  Once the nerves are blocked, there are very few pain signals reaching the brain.

The image below depicts the placement of the local anesthesia as described.  The pink areas indicate the areas where the local anesthetic is injected. I administer the local anesthesia after the IV sedation has you relaxed and before any incisions are made.  The local anesthetic that I use is long lasting and numbs the nerves for 12 to 18 hours. The patient will wake from anesthesia with little, if any pain.


Faster Recovery for Breast Augmentation

The recovery room experience is much improved with ‘awake’ twilight anesthesia. First of all, the patient wakes up much quicker. Secondly, there is hardly any nausea.  Occasionally, I may prescribe Zofran, which will give the patient relief from nausea if they experience any.  The recovery room stays are shorter, the patient is fully awake, walking and ready to go home within an hours time.

I see all of my breast augmentation patients within 24 hours and they are doing remarkably well.  They have no complaints of the surgery and were comfortable throughout the entire procedure.  Of course, most are experiencing some pain after breast augmentation surgery, but are getting relief from the prescribed pain management medications.

Undoubtedly, breast augmentation with ‘Awake’ IV sedation has been a great advance in patient care for my surgical patients and I highly recommend it to any one considering breast augmentation.

To learn more about AWAKE Breast Augmentation schedule your complimentary consultation.  Call 407-896-3772 today!

Dr. John Serrao
Serrao Rejuvenation Center

ThermiVa for Vaginal Tightening – New Technology Overview

vaginal tighteningOne must understand that procedures for “vaginal tightening” are rapidly growing and pardon the phrase, but “everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon!” ThermiVa, MonaLisa, and FemiLift are new technologies that have just been recently cleared or approved by the FDA and I have seen advertisements claiming to “tighten the vagina”, “improve urinary stress incontinence (bladder leakage)”, “reduce vaginal dryness” and “improve a woman’s orgasm.” However, as a gynecologist who has been practicing for 25 years and specializes in cosmetic-plastic gynecology, I must emphasize that this procedure can be effective on the right candidate. It is not going to solve the problems of a woman who needs pelvic floor reconstructive surgery or is unlikely to make a woman orgasm after suffering from dyspareunia (painful intercourse) for years. One must be examined by a gynecologist, who preferably offers both surgical and non-surgical options; to decide what would be the most beneficial procedure based on her needs and clinical exam. A gynecologist knows and understands the anatomy of the internal and external female genitalia.  Again, I do believe that ThermiVa can be a very beneficial procedure when performed correctly and on a good candidate based on her symptoms and gynecological examination.

With that being said, let me explain the science behind these new technologies. ThermiVa uses radio-frequency energy (RF) to generate a heat to cause thermal damage thus stimulating the body to remodel or generate new collagen production as part of the natural healing process. The process of neocollagenesis (collagen remodeling) tightens and improves skin tone and laxity (looseness) over a period of approximately 6 months with results that can be long lasting. ThermiVa delivers the RF energy through a curved wand that is the size of your index finger. A heat sensor is located on the tip of the wand and the temperatures of your internal and external genitalia are monitored closely throughout the procedure. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, is comfortable to the patient and has no downtime. Patients come into my office, listen to music or chat with my staff and I during the entire procedure and drive home to return to their normal activities. Three treatments are recommended at 4 week intervals. Radio-frequency energy has been a gold standard for skin tightening procedures. I have been using Thermage and Skinfinity RF, in my practice for years to improve facial laxity and improve tone on other body areas such as the belly after birth with good outcomes. I must say, that with the proper patient selection, ThermiVa has been successful. Most of my patients are seeing some improvement after their first treatment and significant improvement after the final treatment. The results last approximately one year according to the manufacturer, but I will evaluate that with my own patient population as we monitor their progress. I have advised my patients that a single “touch-up” treatment may be necessary after one year to maintain their results.

As far as FemiLift and MonaLisa, they are based on laser energy to stimulate collagen production by creating minor injuries in the vaginal mucosa to tighten the vagina and improve vaginal moisture.

This is an exciting time in the field of cosmetic-plastic gynecology. Always consult with a gynecologist who specializes in cosmetic-plastic gynecology, do your research and be comfortable with your decisions.

Dr. John Serrao

Am I a Good Candidate for ThermiTight?

Are you a good candidate for ThermiTight?New advancements in cosmetic surgery make it safer and more effective to get the results that you want. If you feel like wrinkles and loose skin are making you look older, you might want to consider getting ThermTight in Orlando to tighten the skin and encourage your body to produce new collagen. Keep reading to find out if you make a good candidate for this procedure:

You are a good candidate for ThermiTight if you have loose skin in the:

  • face
  • neck
  • jowls
  • upper arms
  •  breasts
  • abdomen
  • even the knees

ThermiTight treatment can target:

  • slightly sagging skin
  • facial jowls
  • a double chin
  • other areas of excess skin that prematurely age your appearance.

ThermiTight is a safe and simple procedure that requires no downtime. You can get the treatment in just one visit and start to notice significant results. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Serrão today to learn more about the procedure and how it can help you get your desired results.

Visit our website at CosmeticSurgeryandWellness.com or call our Orlando office at 407.896.3772 to schedule your consultation.

The Benefits of ThermiTight for the Body

Skin tightening benefits of ThermiTightThanks to safe and effective cosmetic procedures like ThermiTight, you do not have to settle for loose, sagging skin on your arms or other body areas.  Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this kind of cosmetic surgery in Orlando so you can tighten and tone the skin on your body without invasive surgery.

Benefits of ThermiTight

  • Since ThermiTight focuses on the layers beneath the surface of the skin, it provides real and lasting results. This procedure can help you get tighter, more youthful skin in just one session.
  • It works on all complexions and provides results to the face, the neck, and the body.
  • The procedure is non-invasive, which means it requires almost no downtime.
  • Although it is not a substitute for diet and exercise, or even liposuction, it can tighten stubborn fat pockets.
  • ThermiTight may be combined with liposuction to promote skin tightening if needed.

If you are unhappy with sagging skin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Serrão to talk about ThermiTight and how it can help you get the results that you want.  After one quick treatment, you can be well on your way to achieving the body you want.

Visit our website at CosmeticSurgeryandWellness.com or call our Orlando office at 407.896.3772 to schedule your consultation.

Answers to Questions about ThermiTight

Questions about ThermiTight?

If you are unhappy with loose skin on your abdomen, breasts, face, neck, or your upper arms, you should talk to Dr. Serrao about ThermiTight.  This revolutionary procedure is a non-surgical way to get the results that you want. Keep reading to learn the answers to your questions about ThermiTight:

What Is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight uses an electrode to warm up the tissue that rests just below the surface of your skin. This helps to create more collagen to give you a younger, healthier looking appearance. Since it is minimally invasive, it does not require much down time and it is safe and effective for anyone with any kind of complexion.  Dr. Serrao can use ThermiTight to give you the long lasting results that you want.

How Does ThermiTight Work So Well?

Other cosmetic surgery options that focus on tightening the skin only manage to target the surface layer.  ThermiTight sends radiofrequency energy beneath the surface of the skin, though, which allows it to get to the root of the problem. You can get the best tightening results with ThermiTight because it penetrates the layers beneath the surface to stimulate new collagen production and tighten your skin from the inside.

How Long Does ThermiTight Take?

You can get your ThermiTight procedure done in just one treatment. You show up to our office and can leave 45 minutes to an hour later. Although you should relax for about 2 days after your treatment, you will not have to face the downtime you would with other more invasive procedures.

Where Can I Use ThermiTight?

ThermiTight can be used for a variety of cosmetic issues. Although it is primarily used to tighten loose or sagging skin, it can also melt fat cells to give you a more toned physique. It is not a substitute for diet and exercise. It can also help with nerve ablation to target facial wrinkles or to reduce excessive sweating. Talk to Dr. Serrao about this kind of cosmetic surgery in Orlando to find out if it is right for you.

Visit our website at CosmeticSurgeryandWellness.com or call our Orlando office at 407.896.3772 to schedule your consultation.

Treatment Spotlight: ThermiTight

ThermiTight in OrlandoYou do not always need to have a facelift or another surgical procedure to look years younger and feel better about your appearance.  Thanks to ThermiTight, Dr. Serrao can help you tighten your face, neck, jowls and even your body without the need for surgery.

By utilizing radiofrequency energy underneath the skin, the skin is heated and actually encourages your body to produce collagen. This procedure helps to tighten skin in areas like the face, the neck, and the jowls, which can knock years off of your appearance.  After the procedure, you experience little-to-no downtime but see results that are long lasting so you can improve your appearance without going under the knife.


This micro-invasive procedure is a great option for anyone who has started to see signs of aging on the face, the neck, the arms, the breasts, or even the abdomen.  Some patients see results immediately after their treatment, but most see gradual results over the next few months.

Visit our website at CosmeticSurgeryandWellness.com or call our Orlando office at 407.896.3772 to schedule your consultation.

Get Ready For Your Short Shorts Just In Time For Summer

wallpaper-2543841Think losing stubborn fat means either weeks of recovery or months waiting for results to show? Think again, says Dr. John Serrao, a cosmetic surgeon in Orlando, Florida.  He has been performing hundreds of AquaShape water-assisted liposuction procedures, a technique that he says rivals non-surgical methods like CoolSculpting in terms of minimal downtime, yet yields the dramatic results patients expect with liposuction.

“Many patients like the idea of a non-surgical option for reducing fat, but are underwhelmed when they learn that these treatments only yield modest fat reduction and take months for optimal results to show.  With AquaShape, I can achieve a patient’s desired level of reshaping while still avoiding many of the drawbacks of traditional liposuction.”

Water assisted liposuction uses a controlled spray of water to separate and remove unwanted fat cells with minimal impact to surrounding tissues. During the procedure, Dr. Serrao inserts a thin tube, or cannula, through a small incision in the skin and applies the spray in a deliberate pattern to sculpt the treated area. The excess fat is then removed from the body along with the water spray.

Dr. Serrao believes the AquaShape water-assisted liposuction offers patients what he calls the “best of both worlds.”  It offers the following:

Immediate results:  Patients typically experience less of the post-operative bruising and swelling associated with traditional liposuction, allowing them to see the full effects quickly after surgery. Non-surgical methods require two to three months for optimal results to show, presenting a challenge for patients who desire more immediate improvements.

Quick recovery:  Dr. Serrao says his typical water assisted liposuction patient is able to return to daily activities in a matter of days. “Patients say taking off one or two days from work is a welcome trade off to enjoy an instant reduction in fat,” says Dr. Serrao.  “They can have their procedure done on a Thursday and go back to work Monday wearing clothes that fit them better right away.” He notes that more extensive procedures or procedures that include a fat transfer may require additional downtime.

Excellent reshaping with predictable outcomes: Using liposuction, a cosmetic surgeon can selectively remove fat to improve body shape.  In contrast, non-surgical treatments can only reduce the total amount of fat in an area. Dr. Serrao notes that the AquaShape water-assisted liposuction is gentle yet powerful enough to remove larger volumes of fat in areas such as the abdomen, which in many cases allows for a dramatic result in the body contouring outcome.

Only a local anesthetic is necessary for most patients: This not only lowers risk of complications from anesthesia, but also helps a patient return to daily activities more quickly.  “Many patients are concerned with general aesthesia and are very comfortable during the procedure with the use of tumescent local anesthesia and mild conscious sedation in our on-site accredited surgical center.  They are able to turn on the table as needed during the procedure so that I can work on different body areas and some may converse with us during the procedure while others may doze off into a gentle sleep.  We keep our patients safe and comfortable during their entire AquaShape water-assisted liposuction procedure,” says Dr. Serrao.

Dr. Serrao also mentions that water assisted liposuction leaves the extracted fat cells intact, allowing them to be used immediately for a fat grafting procedure to different body areas including the breast, buttocks, hands and face, if desired. “Fat injections are an increasingly popular option for body contouring,” says Dr. Serrao, “and because water assisted liposuction yields a high rate of fat cell survival, I am able to achieve more natural, predictable results without ‘over-filling’ an area initially.”   “ We are having very good success with the very popular Brazilian Butt Lift and our patients are thrilled with the impressive results.”  “The AquaShape procedure is providing my patients with results that they love and results that my staff and I are very proud of,” says Dr. Serrao.


Dr. John Serrao, founder and medical director of Serrao Rejuvenation Center, specializes in cosmetic-plastic gynecology, cosmetic surgery of the female patient and anti-aging medicine.  His office and accredited surgical center are located in the Florida Hospital Health Village at 2905 McRae Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803.  For more information, visit our website at www.cosmeticsurgeryandwellness.com or call to schedule your consultation at 407-896-3772.

Serrão Rejuvenation Center Offering Orlando’s Best Facial

Introducing Our “Red Carpet Facial”

Have you always wondered what the celebrities do to keep their skin looking so fabulous? Our best facial, the Red Carpet Facial, is one of their secrets.  Many popular actresses and entertainers, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Susan Sarandon, and Kate Winslet, have the Red Carpet Facial in Hollywood and New York.  Dr. Serrão’s experienced medical aesthetician, Angelica Duggar, is now offering this state of the art LED and oxygen infusing treatment in Orlando that will leave your skin in the ‘spotlight.’  Angelica loves the immediate results of this facial.  “The Red Carpet Facial truly is an amazing facial treatment that makes my clients feel beautiful.  I love their response every time I show them the mirror when we are finished, their skin is firmer and is glowing just like a movie star!”

ledfacewebThe Red Carpet Facial uses the most advanced anti-aging treatments and technology available to transform your skin without discomfort or recovery time and with fast results. This relaxing facial treatment targets the areas of the face that require more attention; helping to reduce fine lines, to tighten, tone, and lift the skin of the jawline, neck, cheekbones and eyes. The Red Carpet Facial encourages collagen formation and suppresses its breakdown; the skin is energized, elasticity is improved and gravity is defined.  This 90-minute treatment combines the synergies of a deep cleansing, an enzymatic peel, micro-current stimulation, pure oxygen infusion, a customized masque, and LED light therapy for dramatic results that will leave your skin radiant.

Carol, a 45-year-old client of Serrão Rejuvenation Center loves the Red Carpet Facial. “ I could not believe the results.  My skin looked so healthy and I felt so refreshed.  It was firmer and lifted, my eyelids were not as puffy, and I had a jawline again.  Angelica truly is an angel!”

If you would like to feel like a star call us today to schedule your Red Carpet Facial.  This is our most luxurious facial and the results are truly amazing.  The regular price is $150 and package pricing is available, please mention this blog to save 15%.

We believe this facial is not just for the red carpet, but is for anyone who wants to look better and feel better.   Go ahead; call us today at 407-896-3772 and look like a celebrity tomorrow.  We’ll roll out the red carpet for you!